Thursday, June 28, 2007

What is Christianity and how do I become a Christian?

Christianity is a belief system. It first says that there is a God, a Creator, who is self-evident. (Meaning that His existence is obvious to anyone who stops to think about it.) The design, order, and beauty of the world around us testifies to God’s existence. This God created the world and therefore owns it and has rightful authority over it. Christianity also says that this God made mankind in His image. That is to say, we have minds; we can think, and that we have wills; we can make choices. It goes on to say that God had a purpose for humans and He gave us a choice to obey him or to disobey Him. It’s His house and He can make up the rules. Man chose not to obey God and most men today still choose not to obey God; as is evidenced by the history of war, oppression, violence and corruption that marks mans’ “civilized” existence on the planet. The result of this is that God, who is Just (He is where we get our sense of Justice from) must do something to correct mans’ bad behavior. He had two options; one, to wipe everybody out and start all over again. Or, two, the peculiar thing we as Christians believe that he did. He came to earth, in the body of a human, grew up, lived as a human for 33 years, yet HE did it perfectly, he didn’t make the bad choices that we so often make. He then gave His life up, as a ransom, taking our punishment. He did this so that if we would be willing to lay down our lives, put them back into His hands, He could then forgive us of our wrongs and give us Spiritual Life, that is to say our spirit becomes connected to God’s Spirit.

The life of this person, God as a human, was foretold by prophets of God for centuries. His name in the English language is Jesus Christ. We date our calendar in Western Civilization by His life, He is no fairytale. His life was well documented historically. The men that followed after him changed the whole world. Despite those who have misused His teachings for their own gain, Christianity has been the single greatest movement for good in the history of mankind; helping men and women to find this new life, to find their place as His children. To be one with Him and to walk with Him, to keep His commandments, this is to be a Christian.

To find out more read the Bible with an open heart and mind. Read the writings of great Christian men and women who have lived down through the ages. If you want someone to talk to, write us or call anytime.

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