Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Faithful Soldier WINTER YOUTH CAMP!!

Sunday February 27th - Tuesday March 1st. Three days and two nights - A time
full of excitement! Challenging teaching, fun and fellowship, and most important
the presence of God!!

Cost $65 per person

Age: 13-21

Location: Random Lake, WI

Bring bedding, pillow, towel, Bible, notebook, a snack to share, a mind to learn and a
heart to serve!

Departing from Zoofari Conference Center (9715 W. Bluemound Rd.) in Wauwatosa
on Sunday the 27th at 1:30pm. Tentatively returning to the Storm's home on Tuesday
March 1st at 7:00 pm.

Limited space available.

For questions or comments emails us:


If you plan on coming please copy and paste the following into a word
doc, print out, (under 18 have your parent(s) sign) and bring to camp,
along with a check made out to Faithful Soldier School or cash.
Thanks!! Please be in prayer that many hearts would be touched by
God's magnificent power!

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IF under 18:

I, the parent / guardian of _________________ give permission to
my son / daughter to attend the Faithful Soldier Winter
Youth Camp.

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Wednesday, July 21, 2010


We are gearing up for our first.........


August 4th - 7th
Ages 13-22
Cost: $60 per person (this covers transportation, housing and food)

Near Shawano Lake, WI

Join us for four exciting days of life-changing - Christ-centered activities:

Powerful Preaching and Teaching!
Discussions on relevant issues facing young people
Games and Activities (because young people must have games!)
One day of outreach ministry

Not your ordinary summer camp!!!!

For questions or comments emails us:

If you plan on coming please copy and paste the following into a word doc, print out, (under 18 have your parent(s) sign) and bring to camp, along with a check made out to Faithful Soldier School or cash. Thanks!! Please be in prayer that many hearts would be touched by God's magnificent power!

NAME: _______________________________________

AGE: ______________

ADDRESS: ____________________________________________________


PHONE NUMBER: __________________________________

EMAIL: __________________________________________

PARENT'S NAME: ___________________________________

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IF under 18:

I, the parent / guardian of _________________ give permission to my son / daughter to attend the Faithful Soldier Summer Youth Camp.

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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Pictures from the Domincan Republic!

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click here to see more pictures from the trip!

WE had a team of 13 from various parts of the country travel with us to the Dominican Republic for a short term mission trip in January. We went to proclaim the gospel as well as to educate the population regarding two proposed reforms to the nations constitution soon up for vote before the legislature. The two primary reforms state that, "all human life shall be provided equal protection under law from conception until natural death." and that, "marriage is exclusively defined as between one man and one woman."
Most of our team were fluent in Spanish, a great asset while ministering in the DR. Our first day we staged a large press conference hailing ourselves as the Alliance for Life, a multi-national pro-life association. Members of our group were born in Guatemala, El Salvador, Mexico, as well as the US, so we represented each of those nations in our press conference - over twenty media outlets from around the Nation showed up and gave us top coverage! We made the statement that abortion is murder, it is a violation of the Law of God and is an extreme form of violence against women that MUST remain illegal in the DR!
The media was cordial and for the most part on our side. Everywhere we went we were received warmly. The general population is extremely pro-life. The Constitutional reforms up for vote look like they are going to pass despite the large sums of money left-wing, feminist, pro-abortion organizations (including the UN) have been throwing into the political machinery of the country.

Praise God!

We spoke at 3 high schools, two of which were public. We were able to preach the gospel, show graphic abortion videos, talk about abstinence, purity until marriage, biblical manhood, and hammer against sin, while principals, teachers, administrators looked on applauding!!! The hearts of the youth were extremely tender and had a humility rarely seen in the United States. No one got angry, no one got offended, no one threw a temper tantrum because we mentioned God in school or showed "horrific" images of what goes on inside the closed doors of abortion clinics. Most Dominicans, young and old, expressed vocal disgust with abortion and expressed gratitude for our coming to their country to help keep it illegal. Most were very open to our message and expressed sincere desire to learn more about the deep things of God and pursuing a holy life.
As you can imagine, it was difficult to come back home, and had I not had four precious children and a beautiful wife waiting for my return, I may not have!
We also had the opportunity to preach at a major prison to several hundred inmates as well as preaching at three local churches. If you have never been in a third world prison it is quite an experience. I had to use a bathroom and so one of the inmates, who was also the Pastor of the in-house church brought me back to his cell, it was a long trip to el bano that I will never forget!
All this was in addition to the street work that we did, distributing almost 60,000 hard-hitting tracts, plus daily media activity, newspapers, tv shows, radio, and meetings with government officials! Our team saturated the media for a full week! Each day we split the group between churches, schools, media outlets, and meetings in Congress with Senators and Representatives. We were blessed to have such a gifted team with us, most of whom did not need interpretors but were able to speak forth the truth boldly and powerfully in the native language.


Please pray for all the seeds that were sown and the labor that was done, may it yield an eternal harvest for His Kingdom! Pray that the spark of revival would be kindled in the hearts of the thousands of youth we encountered! Pray for the local Christians working in a third world country foregoing so many of the privileges and comforts that we take for granted, and especially for the Antonio family, whose family of ten have been faithfully ministering in the DR for eight years, single-handedly starting a home-school movement, in addition to countless other works they have their hands set to. May they be blessed strengthened and encouraged!

Thursday, June 28, 2007

What is Christianity and how do I become a Christian?

Christianity is a belief system. It first says that there is a God, a Creator, who is self-evident. (Meaning that His existence is obvious to anyone who stops to think about it.) The design, order, and beauty of the world around us testifies to God’s existence. This God created the world and therefore owns it and has rightful authority over it. Christianity also says that this God made mankind in His image. That is to say, we have minds; we can think, and that we have wills; we can make choices. It goes on to say that God had a purpose for humans and He gave us a choice to obey him or to disobey Him. It’s His house and He can make up the rules. Man chose not to obey God and most men today still choose not to obey God; as is evidenced by the history of war, oppression, violence and corruption that marks mans’ “civilized” existence on the planet. The result of this is that God, who is Just (He is where we get our sense of Justice from) must do something to correct mans’ bad behavior. He had two options; one, to wipe everybody out and start all over again. Or, two, the peculiar thing we as Christians believe that he did. He came to earth, in the body of a human, grew up, lived as a human for 33 years, yet HE did it perfectly, he didn’t make the bad choices that we so often make. He then gave His life up, as a ransom, taking our punishment. He did this so that if we would be willing to lay down our lives, put them back into His hands, He could then forgive us of our wrongs and give us Spiritual Life, that is to say our spirit becomes connected to God’s Spirit.

The life of this person, God as a human, was foretold by prophets of God for centuries. His name in the English language is Jesus Christ. We date our calendar in Western Civilization by His life, He is no fairytale. His life was well documented historically. The men that followed after him changed the whole world. Despite those who have misused His teachings for their own gain, Christianity has been the single greatest movement for good in the history of mankind; helping men and women to find this new life, to find their place as His children. To be one with Him and to walk with Him, to keep His commandments, this is to be a Christian.

To find out more read the Bible with an open heart and mind. Read the writings of great Christian men and women who have lived down through the ages. If you want someone to talk to, write us or call anytime.

Stop Offending

Our evangelistic methods often bring a variety of criticisms. We frequently hear, "I just think that you are offending people, can't you just emphasize more love? I mean, don’t you think that it's counter-productive in bringing people to Christ by saying such controversial things?" The following story is our response to such thinking:
There was a man who developed a cure for a disease that was ravaging his community. The antidote was pretty rotten smelling and even worse tasting, but it brought about a complete cure, so long as the individuals stayed in a separated area, and continued taking the recommended dosage. Unfortunately there was a lot of complaining going on amongst those who were beginning to take the formula with regard to its repugnance to the senses. Caving into pressure, the good doctor decided to lessen a few of the harsher ingredients. The result was good. The antidote was clearly much easier to digest, more pleasant to the senses and still seemed to be effectual in curing the horrific disease that was still destroying his little village. Unfortunately there were those who would still complain a bit of the residual odors and faint hint of the lessened ingredients. Especially newcomers who were trying to get some of their old infected acquaintances to come into the doctors clinic and receive the antidote. Under pressure to make it more appetizing for these hesitant hopefuls the good doctor again made a few modifications to his recipe, which amidst much debate and controversy led to a series of modifications over a period of time. As the doctors facilities grew larger and larger with more and more patients he began to sit back and assess the state of his affairs. As he walked about the village and saw the continued effects of this terrible, cursed disease he was amazed to see that there was very little difference in these victims than there was in his own patients! To his shock, his patients, while still being isolated from the general infected population and still taking his cure regularly were now in the same condition, with little exception, as those who had no treatment! “What could be the cause of this?” He thought to himself. Hurrying into his laboratory and taking out a sample of his precious antidote he began conducting a rigorous set of tests, discovering to his chagrin that the antidote had lost its potency! Being diluted and modified so much to people’s personal liking it had lost all its strength. It was no longer the same cure. Although his patients continued to come to his facilities and enjoyed being under his care, receiving the prescribed remedy daily, they were unaffected. Remaining still visibly in a full state of disease, closing in on death. ‘How horrible’, he thought to himself! How horrible indeed.

A quote for the critics

Many critics of the Gospel of Christ, including the recent Da Vinci Code phenomenon attack the historical Jesus as recorded in the New Testament. The following quote was written in the 1800's by a Christian apologist in response to those who would say that the Apostles had deceptively fabricated the entire resurrection account for their own selfish ends (As is the contention in the Da Vinci Code!).

“Now, in conclusion, let us see what an unbeliever must believe in consistency with his profession. He must believe that the apostles were either such weak-minded men as to imagine that their crucified Master had been with them, from time to time, during forty days after his burial, had conversed with them, and eaten with them, and that they had every sensible evidence of his resurrection, while in truth he had not been near them, but was still in his sepulchre; or else that they were so wicked and deceitful as to go all over the world preaching that he was risen from the dead, when they knew it was a gross fabrication. Suppose the unbeliever to choose the latter of these alternatives. Then he believes, not only that those men were so singularly attached to this untruth as to give themselves up to all manner of disgrace, and persecutions and labour, for the sake of making all the world believe it, knowing that their own destruction could be the only consequence; but also, what is still more singular, that when they plunged, immediately at the outset of their ministry, into an immense multitude of those who, having lately crucified the Saviour, were full of enmity to his disciples; they succeeded, without learning, eloquence, power, or a single conceivable motive, in making three thousand of them believe that he, whom they had seen on the cross, was indeed alive again; and believe it so fully, as to renounce every thing, and be willing to suffer any thing, for the sake of it, and this on the very spot where the guards that had kept the sepulcher were at hand to tell what was become of the body of Jesus.

He must believe, moreover, that although in attempting to propagate a new religion to the exclusion of every other, they were undertaking what was entirely new, and opposed to the views of all nations; although the doctrines they preached were resisted by all the influence of the several priesthoods; all the power of the several governments; all the passions, habits, and prejudices of the people; and all the wit and pride of the philosophers of all nations… so that they encountered everywhere the most tremendous persecutions, till torture and death were almost synonymous with the name of Christian; although they had nothing to propose, to Jew or Gentile, as a matter of faith, but what the wisdom of the world ridiculed, and the vice of the world hated, and all men were united in despising; although they had nothing earthly with which to tempt any one to receive their fabrication, except the necessity of an entire change in all his habits and dispositions, and an assurance that tribulations and persecutions must be his portion:

Yet when philosophers, with all their learning, and rank, and subtlety, and veneration, could produce no effect on the public mind, these obscure Galileans obtained such influence, throughout the whole extent of the Roman empire, and especially in the most enlightened cities, that, in thirty years, what they themselves (by the supposition) did not believe, they made hundreds of thousands of all classes, philosophers, senators, governors, priests, soldiers, as well as plebeians, believe, and maintain unto death; yea, they planted this doctrine of their own invention so deeply that all the persecutions of three hundred years could not root it up; they established the gospel so permanently that in three hundred years it was the established religion of an empire co-extensive with the known world, and continues still the religion of all civilized nations... Such is the belief of the unbeliever. To escape acknowledging that the apostles were aided by miraculous assistance, he makes them to have possessed in themselves miraculous ability. To get rid of one miracle in the work, he has to make twelve miracles out of the twelve agents of the work.”

- McIlvane in his lecture on The Evidences of Christianity